‘Good news – I have a bag full of oranges. Bad news – We have to leave’

So I’m currently sat in a costa coffee in terminal 1 of Prague Airport waiting on a delayed flight wishing this tour could’ve been another week.

Friday morning we hungoverly (it’s a word) drove to Ulm, picking up Anne ‘with an E’ or Anne ‘supplier of snacks’ on the way to join us for the last few shows. 5 hours of listening to the audiobook of The Shining* later we arrive at The Hemperium. I think it’d be fair to say they like hemp here. The place is literally covered in pictures of Marijuana leaves. The show went well and before hand I had a pretty ace hemp burger we hung out, drank some local beers and stayed at the owners amazing house just outside of Ulm.

We were treated like part of the family the next day for breakfast and I’ve added them to list of ‘Punk Rock Parents’ I’m racking up in every city.

We took the scenic route to Freiburg on the promoter’s recommendation , following the denuebe river and it’s ridiculously beautiful valley-like surroundings. Stopping every once in a while for a selfie (how else would people know we were there?).

Freiburg was the perfect end of tour show. I was supporting Beans on Toast who is somebody the jellyfish have played with a bunch of times over the years and it was cool to catch up again. We went for a quick beer before my set at a crazy cool brewery round the corner full of brass kegs and a circular bar you could look over from a second floor you got to via a spiral staircase – no big deal – which we somehow found through the snow and talked music and touring.

Also playing the show was Cory Call from Arliss Nancy and his wife Kirsty from Dollars for Deadbeats. We’d been listening to them in the car, and not only were they super nice people they were also ace Springsteen/gaslight esq gruff country punk, which is totally up my street.

The show was packed and I honestly couldn’t think of nicer way to end the run of shows. Yesterday involved mostly driving back to Leipzig to snuggle with Anton (the dog). Today I said goodbye to my tour mate and one of best friends Ms Bojangles, I genuinely couldn’t have done this without her, she’s helped every step of the way and somehow we got on for literally every second? Weird. Now I begin my 15 step trip home via my parents house to check out their new puppy. Life could be worse ay?

*The Shining was one of the books that kick started me back into reading when I was in my first few months of uni. I’ve long held it as one of my favourite books but haven’t revisited it since as I was a little scared it wouldn’t be as good as I remembered. Turns out, it’s still fucking great.

‘You never know, maybe I could be a great spelunker’

Day 9 and I’m waking up snuggling Anton (Ms Bojangles’ humongous, clumsy, amazing dog) and to snow coming down outside.

Last night was Leipzig, and was incredible. Stoned bar is a home away from home, the shows are always super fun, super busy and it inevitably ends in Schnaps. Got to see a bunch of mates and even got brought cookies by Tami who we met last year at the show. How fucking cool is that? AND they were well nice. I’d of been happy with horrible cookies!

We came from Essen the previous night at Anyway. We took our time driving from Enkirch cos the scenery was incredible, we drove long the river and bought some local wine (yet to try it though, could be gross.). When we arrived at the venue we knocked on the shutter and it slowly opened from the bottom up, revealing one of the owners. Kalle very gradually. It was like punk rock blind date.

The venue was a proper cool rock and roll bar, show was quite quiet but still a lot of fun and the people there were lovely. As we left the owners waved us off and it felt like leaving our new punk rock parents, hopefully we’ll be back to drink all the beer and eat all the food.

Ulm tonight, another new one for me. Free in on a Friday night. Should be messy.

‘The thing about vaginas is, they have a lot of areas’.

Day 7!

So since I last did a blog entry, we’ve been to Dresden, Zittau and Enkirch.

Dresden was a really cool matinee show, which worked so well for a Sunday. Everybody was super quiet and listened to all the acts, and I hit new highs (lows?) of Awkward Jake as 3 days of booze left me in a very fragile state. Luckily Ms Bojangles was there to help mediate my uselessness and everybody was super nice. Show was fun still and I managed to finish the night by losing at Mario Kart 64 over and over again to Tom (one of the organisers). I mean it’s a good game, but give my double dash and I will slay, there was also a hole in my racket and the sun was in my eyes.

We headed out to Zittau the next day, stopping at a vegan restaurant en route to have burgers and arrived pretty content. It was a living room show in this great building above a skateboard shop. Frank (fellow beer and simpsons lover) put on the show and Joe McCorriston played as well. Amazingly, in 6 years of touring the same circuit and living only an hour away from each other at home, we’ve never met. So was great to finally see him, he’s a super nice guy and his confidence on stage puts mine to shame.

We trekked 8 hours across Germany to a tiny village near the Luxemburg border called Enkirch. The village and the surrounding areas are absolutely beautiful an the venue was the cosiest affair. We hung out with a the venue owner Tom, his dogs and drank Guinness (!) ’til the early hours.

I’m currently napping off food in Essen (lolololol) and tonight I play Anyway. I’ve never eaten so well on a tour in my life. Can’t complain eh?


Picture credit – Tom from Dresden.

Quote of the Day – Too much time spent in car.

“A small shitstorm… a shit breeze.”


Day 4 and we’re in Dresden and at an ace art space called Hole of Fame. We’ve just come from Vienna were we met up with two of my most favourite people ever, Sophie and Jakob who are not only the best hosts but are just the funniest/most fun/loveliest lovelies evs. We drove the whopping 45 minutes from the show in W.Neustadt (show was awesome, played with a great indie Beatles esq/libertines style band and we stayed up chatting punk rock late with Harry) and hung out all day with those 2 and Athos (doggo of touro) and got to see Philip also!

Vienna show was absolutely rammed, sweaty and full of friendly faces. Also turns out Ginger Schnapps are a thing!? Well now you know.

Anyway, I’m gonna go mingle instead of sitting on my phone. Seeeeee ya soooooon.

(Also I’ve decided each blog post is gonna be titled by my favourite quote of the last few days. This one had me laughing for ages.)

“I used to be in a famous band”


Currently sat having a car beer in W.Neustadt cos we’re ridiculously early for the show. We’re on day 2, and we already smell (mostly Ms Bojangles*). We’ve just come from Prague where we did a tour of all the loving huts (there are loads of them and they are ace) and mentally adopted a bazillion dogs.

We visited One Love Tattoo and got ourselves rad tour toos (I’ve decided to call them toos now) from a bit of the of the comic inside the new album (design by the ever awesome Joel Millerchip). It’s an ace little tattoo parlour in the centre of Prague and we hung out, talked punk rock and listened to Against me!, so we felt very at home.

I played a last minute show for beers in a great bar we were gonna attend anyway so it was a win-win (eine win win Situation).

To complete the smelly musician look we also had to get out all our change to pay for the deposit for the rent a car to world’s most patient guy at the rental desk ever. 3 different cards, 2 different types of currency and lots of puppy dog eyes and realising that the gear stick is on the wrong side, and well we’re HERE! Triebwerk is the 2nd ever venue I played in Europe so I’m feeling very nostalgic and honestly Harry (the promoter) is one of the loveliest people ever to be, let the rock and/or rolling begin.

I’d like to say writing this was really difficult with Ms Bojangle trying to talk to me all the time. GOD.

*editor’s note – Ms Bojangles is what Steffi wanted to be called. I dunno, she weird.

Nu blog, nu album, nu tour.


So we have a new album, new blog, and a new bloody website! Check that shit out! Dead professional now ain’t we?

Gonna try and keep this blog updated, especially for tour stuff (Speaking of – heading out on a solo tour around Germany and Austria in a few weeks – dates below – you should come, it’ll be fun – honestly it will – bring me beer and snacks).

First things first, we released a new album, you’re probably sick of seeing it now but if you haven’t listened to it. It’s here – http://jakeandthejellyfish.bandcamp.com 
Also available on spotify and on CD and Vinyl from these cats – https://www.musicglue.com/invisiblellama/merch 

Got a whole bunch of cool gigs in the works, but for the time being I’m (Jake) going on a solo tour around Austria and Germany and it’s goooonna be a whole bunch of fun. I’m gonna eat good food and drink good beer with my friend Steffi all over the place. Come hang. Tour dates here…

09.03. Wiener Neustadt @ Triebwerk

10.03. Wien @ Avalon

11.03. Dresden @ Hole of Fame

12.03. Zittau @ IW18

13.03. Enkirch @ Tom‘s Musik-Keller

14.03. Essen @ Anyway

15.03. Leipzig @ Stoned

16.03. Ulm @ Hemperium

17.03. Freiburg @ White Rabbit

More tour dates to come, more fun things to come.


Speak soon,