“I used to be in a famous band”


Currently sat having a car beer in W.Neustadt cos we’re ridiculously early for the show. We’re on day 2, and we already smell (mostly Ms Bojangles*). We’ve just come from Prague where we did a tour of all the loving huts (there are loads of them and they are ace) and mentally adopted a bazillion dogs.

We visited One Love Tattoo and got ourselves rad tour toos (I’ve decided to call them toos now) from a bit of the of the comic inside the new album (design by the ever awesome Joel Millerchip). It’s an ace little tattoo parlour in the centre of Prague and we hung out, talked punk rock and listened to Against me!, so we felt very at home.

I played a last minute show for beers in a great bar we were gonna attend anyway so it was a win-win (eine win win Situation).

To complete the smelly musician look we also had to get out all our change to pay for the deposit for the rent a car to world’s most patient guy at the rental desk ever. 3 different cards, 2 different types of currency and lots of puppy dog eyes and realising that the gear stick is on the wrong side, and well we’re HERE! Triebwerk is the 2nd ever venue I played in Europe so I’m feeling very nostalgic and honestly Harry (the promoter) is one of the loveliest people ever to be, let the rock and/or rolling begin.

I’d like to say writing this was really difficult with Ms Bojangle trying to talk to me all the time. GOD.

*editor’s note – Ms Bojangles is what Steffi wanted to be called. I dunno, she weird.

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