“A small shitstorm… a shit breeze.”


Day 4 and we’re in Dresden and at an ace art space called Hole of Fame. We’ve just come from Vienna were we met up with two of my most favourite people ever, Sophie and Jakob who are not only the best hosts but are just the funniest/most fun/loveliest lovelies evs. We drove the whopping 45 minutes from the show in W.Neustadt (show was awesome, played with a great indie Beatles esq/libertines style band and we stayed up chatting punk rock late with Harry) and hung out all day with those 2 and Athos (doggo of touro) and got to see Philip also!

Vienna show was absolutely rammed, sweaty and full of friendly faces. Also turns out Ginger Schnapps are a thing!? Well now you know.

Anyway, I’m gonna go mingle instead of sitting on my phone. Seeeeee ya soooooon.

(Also I’ve decided each blog post is gonna be titled by my favourite quote of the last few days. This one had me laughing for ages.)

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