‘The thing about vaginas is, they have a lot of areas’.

Day 7!

So since I last did a blog entry, we’ve been to Dresden, Zittau and Enkirch.

Dresden was a really cool matinee show, which worked so well for a Sunday. Everybody was super quiet and listened to all the acts, and I hit new highs (lows?) of Awkward Jake as 3 days of booze left me in a very fragile state. Luckily Ms Bojangles was there to help mediate my uselessness and everybody was super nice. Show was fun still and I managed to finish the night by losing at Mario Kart 64 over and over again to Tom (one of the organisers). I mean it’s a good game, but give my double dash and I will slay, there was also a hole in my racket and the sun was in my eyes.

We headed out to Zittau the next day, stopping at a vegan restaurant en route to have burgers and arrived pretty content. It was a living room show in this great building above a skateboard shop. Frank (fellow beer and simpsons lover) put on the show and Joe McCorriston played as well. Amazingly, in 6 years of touring the same circuit and living only an hour away from each other at home, we’ve never met. So was great to finally see him, he’s a super nice guy and his confidence on stage puts mine to shame.

We trekked 8 hours across Germany to a tiny village near the Luxemburg border called Enkirch. The village and the surrounding areas are absolutely beautiful an the venue was the cosiest affair. We hung out with a the venue owner Tom, his dogs and drank Guinness (!) ’til the early hours.

I’m currently napping off food in Essen (lolololol) and tonight I play Anyway. I’ve never eaten so well on a tour in my life. Can’t complain eh?


Picture credit – Tom from Dresden.

Quote of the Day – Too much time spent in car.

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