‘You never know, maybe I could be a great spelunker’

Day 9 and I’m waking up snuggling Anton (Ms Bojangles’ humongous, clumsy, amazing dog) and to snow coming down outside.

Last night was Leipzig, and was incredible. Stoned bar is a home away from home, the shows are always super fun, super busy and it inevitably ends in Schnaps. Got to see a bunch of mates and even got brought cookies by Tami who we met last year at the show. How fucking cool is that? AND they were well nice. I’d of been happy with horrible cookies!

We came from Essen the previous night at Anyway. We took our time driving from Enkirch cos the scenery was incredible, we drove long the river and bought some local wine (yet to try it though, could be gross.). When we arrived at the venue we knocked on the shutter and it slowly opened from the bottom up, revealing one of the owners. Kalle very gradually. It was like punk rock blind date.

The venue was a proper cool rock and roll bar, show was quite quiet but still a lot of fun and the people there were lovely. As we left the owners waved us off and it felt like leaving our new punk rock parents, hopefully we’ll be back to drink all the beer and eat all the food.

Ulm tonight, another new one for me. Free in on a Friday night. Should be messy.

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