‘Good news – I have a bag full of oranges. Bad news – We have to leave’

So I’m currently sat in a costa coffee in terminal 1 of Prague Airport waiting on a delayed flight wishing this tour could’ve been another week.

Friday morning we hungoverly (it’s a word) drove to Ulm, picking up Anne ‘with an E’ or Anne ‘supplier of snacks’ on the way to join us for the last few shows. 5 hours of listening to the audiobook of The Shining* later we arrive at The Hemperium. I think it’d be fair to say they like hemp here. The place is literally covered in pictures of Marijuana leaves. The show went well and before hand I had a pretty ace hemp burger we hung out, drank some local beers and stayed at the owners amazing house just outside of Ulm.

We were treated like part of the family the next day for breakfast and I’ve added them to list of ‘Punk Rock Parents’ I’m racking up in every city.

We took the scenic route to Freiburg on the promoter’s recommendation , following the denuebe river and it’s ridiculously beautiful valley-like surroundings. Stopping every once in a while for a selfie (how else would people know we were there?).

Freiburg was the perfect end of tour show. I was supporting Beans on Toast who is somebody the jellyfish have played with a bunch of times over the years and it was cool to catch up again. We went for a quick beer before my set at a crazy cool brewery round the corner full of brass kegs and a circular bar you could look over from a second floor you got to via a spiral staircase – no big deal – which we somehow found through the snow and talked music and touring.

Also playing the show was Cory Call from Arliss Nancy and his wife Kirsty from Dollars for Deadbeats. We’d been listening to them in the car, and not only were they super nice people they were also ace Springsteen/gaslight esq gruff country punk, which is totally up my street.

The show was packed and I honestly couldn’t think of nicer way to end the run of shows. Yesterday involved mostly driving back to Leipzig to snuggle with Anton (the dog). Today I said goodbye to my tour mate and one of best friends Ms Bojangles, I genuinely couldn’t have done this without her, she’s helped every step of the way and somehow we got on for literally every second? Weird. Now I begin my 15 step trip home via my parents house to check out their new puppy. Life could be worse ay?

*The Shining was one of the books that kick started me back into reading when I was in my first few months of uni. I’ve long held it as one of my favourite books but haven’t revisited it since as I was a little scared it wouldn’t be as good as I remembered. Turns out, it’s still fucking great.

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